A UNIQUE event for which every detail will have been thought about.

Group activities, Theme nights, dance lessons. Stress or Pleasure?

Mums are roped into helping arrange things for their young offspring in the early stages of their social life.

Whether you're on your own or a group of parents responsible for organising an event for your children, you might like to call upon some professionals to help sort your ideas, structure the planning stages or your budget.

BYG helps you to:

  • access venues that you wouldn't necessarily consider,
  • come up with original ideas,
  • find themes and everything that goes with them,
  • create and organise an event that would not dare to imagine,
  • develop your inspiration folder, establish your specifications, draw up a count-down schedule of things to do.

On the big day, BYG will take on the role of master of ceremony:

  • putting up decorations,
  • coordinating suppliers
  • managing entertainment,
  • Managing the reception, parking or alcohol checks
  • Orchestrating everything from A-Z while you get yourself ready and take care of greeting your guests.