Do you want a wedding that really suits you?

You want to organise your wedding yourselves, but you would like to have the reassurance of a professional at the start of the journey in order to be sure that you don't go down the wrong path from the outset or just before the big day in order to reach the home stretch calmly.

Be Your Guest

  • Takes an informed view over your project,
  • Advises and guides you in the management of your priorities,
  • Helps you by recommending the actions to take each week,
  • Gives your tips and tricks acquired over many years experience,
  • Shares with you its expertise as a seasoned wedding planner,
  • Pinpoints the thing that you had perhaps not considered and which will make all the difference.

Une astuce de Be Your Guest :
And if you don't call upon our services: Prepare yourself well for your meetings. We can help you with this free of charge by providing a general outline of things that your should absolutely consider. Feel free to contact us.

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